Impressions of an Indian village
A typical south Indian village shows rural life

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farmers plants and animals  |  Anzahl Bilder: 38  |  hinzugefügt am: 07.04.2007
daily hard work
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Breakfast preparation  |  Anzahl Bilder: 12  |  hinzugefügt am: 06.04.2007
Coconut preparation and idli cooking
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Friendly and open children  |  Anzahl Bilder: 3  |  hinzugefügt am: 06.04.2007
You get a smile after the first shy phase has passed
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rural housholds  |  Anzahl Bilder: 11  |  hinzugefügt am: 06.04.2007
Some typical houses and interiors
IMG_2776 a street in the  village IMG_2861 The local carpenter producing a door frame with less tool and a lot of experience

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