Bangalore Visit 2005


I spent in Bangalore one month in  November 2005 .

Here are some impressions.


Bangalore Visit 2005.. 1

Bangalore city. 1

Typical Indian. 2

Rural life. 4

Indian Wedding. 6

Temples. 7




Bangalore city



Bangalore city is booming. All major software companies worldwide have their representation with thousands of  software developers here. The Siemens building is visible right behind the yellow one.




The House of  Parliament of the state Karnataka is one of the imposant buildings in background. It was built in the 50th  in a historical style.



The MG Road shows the typical traffic and smog. The 3-wheeler rule the street  and battle against an increasing number of cars. Left hand side the famous Indian “Tata” car is seen. It is still build in this design . today. The bikes have a crash protection for the driver and an Sari protector for passenger (not visible here).



Typical Indian


Green coconut are sold on each corner. They were cut with a sickle and the sourly juice is drunken with a straw.


The Indian railway is a special experience.


A lot of people can be carried by a small vehicle.


Road maintenance is done by female hand.


A cheap hotel for lorry drivers. The green part right is the kitchen.






Rural life

It is early in the morning. The mum will comb her later on.


Rice straw is transported by ox carriages.




The cow sleep in the street without any stable. The children should sleep. In background an Internet café offers service.



The braided boats are older than the temple in the background. With the proudly displayed big captured fish the next lunch is secured.


Banana are prepared.






Indian Wedding

I was invited to  an Indian Wedding of one of my colleagues. The habits differ in the different states. This was a Tamil wedding.


The pride bride.



Milk is dropped on the feet and wiped by silk.


Congratulation to the couple

The ladies in their sarees are a celebration of beauty and colors.